The Dishonest Crooked Fake Media Masters

On top of The Media being dishonest, crooked, untrustworthy and FAKE (according to El Dictador anyway), they also wear the Cap’n’ Obvious hat far too often these days.

Inline image 1
RE: LA Times “The lesson of Betsy DeVos confirmationnot voting has consequences
Seriously L.A.Times? You paid someone to write that headline?
What were your alternates – “Study: Intercourse Could Lead to Orgasms (although not as often as you would think)?”
Not Getting in Fatal Car Accident May Lead to Longer Life Expectancy“?
Trump Looks to Fast Track Plundering of Earth’s Remaining Resources”?
Glad to see that The Media is there to educate us on the complicated issues of our time. Otherwise I’d totally be in the dark on things like Khloe Kardashian freezing her eggs.

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