I Think I Get It Now – Trump and Russian Dots Connected


These articles, plus the ones out there about Robert Mercer, put the bow on it all. I’m unsure how much more simple understanding Trump’s rise could be.

Trump & his pals stand to make 19% of what used to be a Russian public utility called Gazprom – now a magically privatized company called Rezneft. All they have to do is lift US sanctions & ka-ching! This is probably why he can never (voluntarily) show his returns. They would show the connections (direct or indirect) to Rezneft.
I’m convinced President Obama discovered all this last year and knows its just a matter of time before it all comes out. Why? Don’t even try to tell me that someone at the IRS can’t send the president or his staff copies of ANY tax returns… pleeeze’… any third rate bureaucrat with decent connections can get those on Ebay – maybe not literally but come on? It’s not like the IRS has better control of files than all the other government departments that leak files everyday. Please…
These articles fill in the blanks that all the other articles on Robert Mercer left:
So it’s no wonder why Barry’s out kite surfing & seeing plays in New York. He already knows the whole thing’s gonna’ crash like a drunken John in a “world class” Moscow party house.
However, I’m not so convinced that Putin actually has (or even needs) dirt/pics/video on Trump or his peeps – maybe that’s just a poor smoke screen to steer everyone away from the real Art of the Deal – the sale of US policy change for a 19% stake in liquid gold.

The Dishonest Crooked Fake Media Masters


On top of The Media being dishonest, crooked, untrustworthy and FAKE (according to El Dictador anyway), they also wear the Cap’n’ Obvious hat far too often these days.

Inline image 1
RE: LA Times “The lesson of Betsy DeVos confirmationnot voting has consequences
Seriously L.A.Times? You paid someone to write that headline?
What were your alternates – “Study: Intercourse Could Lead to Orgasms (although not as often as you would think)?”
Not Getting in Fatal Car Accident May Lead to Longer Life Expectancy“?
Trump Looks to Fast Track Plundering of Earth’s Remaining Resources”?
Glad to see that The Media is there to educate us on the complicated issues of our time. Otherwise I’d totally be in the dark on things like Khloe Kardashian freezing her eggs.